Tigrigna amharic dictionary download

Tigrinya - Français : Amharic Dictionary: ... Download the dictionary app from google store. It is a convenient way to search and view the dictionary from your phone. google.com - a search engine in Tigrigna. Tigrigna - UCLA Language Materials Project Language Profiles Page. Wikipedia - Tigrinya - a wikipedia article on Tigrigna; also has an extensive article on Tigrigna grammar, and verbs. ዊኪፒድያ - The Tigrigna version of Wikipedia. Raimoq - Eritrean community website in Tigrigna/English. Buy English - Tigrigna Dictionary: A Dictionary of the Tigrinya Language REV & Updated by Abdel Rahman (ISBN: 9781843560067) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.